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01/10/2015 — eco active

Eco active’s September 2015 Lunch & Learn session.

The Radisson Blu, Education Sport & Culture and Lumilite shared their energy saving experience at the latest eco active lunch and learn. How to reduce energy use through culture change and quick win measures was the focus of the event attended by over 25 local businesses.

The Radisson Blu’s responsible business leader Sven Wiltink opened the session by asking attendees to remember what they were doing in 2001. This was the starting point for the Radisson’s ‘Think Planet’ initiative which has helped make environmental awareness part of the company culture. Sven highlighted a number of simple ‘good habits’ that had contributed to a 17.7% reduction in the Jersey hotel’s energy use since 2011.

The need to communicate with staff effectively was a theme shared by both Sven and Barclay Harvey who discussed work undertaken at Education Sport & Culture. Barclay highlighted the need for staff to think eco active as second nature rather than an extra thing to do. Each of the ‘troops’ need to take responsibility for their actions and Barclay demonstrated some simple checklists and dashboards that could help get the message across.

The session was finished off by David Harper from Lumilite who encouraged businesses to better understand their lighting electricity costs. Easy to install energy monitors can be used to allow businesses to make better informed decisions. David presented case studies showing how LED lighting can reduce energy use in all types of business environment. Expenditure on lighting can be reduced by one third with payback on investment in under 18 months.

What can your business do? Some of the ideas discussed at the session included:

  • Training staff on good environmental habits
  • Closing windows and doors when using air conditioning
  • Monitoring performance and updating staff on progress
  • Always switching off lights and devices when not in use
  • Using the eco-mode on air conditioning
  • Refining the setting of your Building Management System
  • Encouraging ideas for action from staff on the ground
  • Installing LED lighting to reduce electricity use

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eco active promotes and supports the development of sustainable business practices in Jersey.

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