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07/09/2016 — Tom Faulkner

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Jersey Business-The Fairy Godmother of Business Enterprise

For budding entrepreneurs there is rarely a more equally elating and terrifying time than taking that life evolving decision to becoming a business owner. From the where and the how to the help!!! when we fly that SOS flag, the journey from mind maps to start-up can be a turbulent one. When Dr Thomas Faulkner made the move from practise associate to CEO of his ‘Human Health’ dream, he sought guidance from Jersey Business situated in the heart of St Helier. Jersey Business is a free independent service lead by business professionals who through advise and support help to navigate local businesses to success. In celebration of bringing the dream to reality, Tom shares an insight into the fantastic services received from The Jersey Business Team through the duration of the Human Health journey.

How did you hear about Jersey Business?
I found out about Jersey business when looking at different financial lending options online and came across their business plan templates. I was impressed with the accessibility of their free tools and information so contacted them directly to organise a meeting. I had so many questions and was relieved that I could receive support in those grey areas under one roof.

What specifically did their support help you overcome within the early business stages? What were you struggling with mostly?
The guidance when helping me devise a bulletproof business plan and financial statements before I went shopping for financial loans was phenomenal. It made the whole process more streamline as I was completely prepared with the specific requirements relevant to the laws and regulations in Jersey. I was unable to access this information as freely and efficiently online as it was made available to me at Jersey Business.
Is there anything they couldn’t primarily help you with but made suggestions for? Was this successful advise?
Primarily they couldn’t help me out with some of the difficulties I was having in negotiating premises terms however, they were extremely supportive in their advice using their personal experiences to orientate guidance. Also, for financial lending options they couldn’t directly set up any meetings but instead, discussed all my options and prepared me for those meetings. They also provided a great follow up after meetings and then made suggestions for next avenue to pursue from then on. Although I had to pursue other avenues at times, they supported the process from beginning to end.

Now doors are open and you’re in the swing of things, what can Jersey Business offer you?
I have security in the knowledge that they are there at any time to support from the view point of business growth and development. As we are expanding they are continuously very active in their assistance as we are applying for employee licences, resetting business plans and financial statements with the businesses organic growth. There isn’t a limit on the services I’ve received and if they cant help, they do their best to source where I can find the help I need. Its been continuous and consistent from the outset.

Drawing from your own experience, what advise would you give to those thinking about starting a business or are in the early stages?
My advise to anyone with a business start-up or even with an idea is to set aside ample time to truly work out what you want now and what you want it to look like in 5 years. Then, do what you can to start off in that manner to make transitions in growth periods smoother as your direction and your vision is set. I constantly filled journals with ideas, drew practise layouts, made everyday ‘to do’ lists, created vision board and kept notes of what I wanted to create then revised them over time. These mateirals acted as a ‘north star’ guiding me in the right direction when looking at everything from business models to practice layouts and interior as it all works from the same vision. Alongside these materials use the extensive knowledge the Jersey Business team provides and the templates available to construct a robust business plan and set of financial profit and loss / projected statements. Use these as your back bone when negotiating and deciding upon any loans, leasing property and other big financial moves in your business as guidance so there is consistency and direction.

Business start-ups can be a stressful process, where do you draw your inspiration to stay motivated?
I believe soaking yourself in whatever it is you wish to learn, be inspired or uplifted by is always time well spent. My library is ever growing with books suggested to me from friends, colleagues, articles and ones that have found me along the way. In my profession, constant growth and education is crucial for continuing professional development so I create time to zone into books, attend conferences and join courses related to my field to stay inspired. But my greatest motivation is seeing the progress and life changes in my clients who commit themselves to care. The feedback from them and their health inspires me on my mission to continue providing greater health care and education. The proof is in the pudding!

Other than Jersey Business, what other sources of support you would recommend?
Having at least one successful mentor/coach/point of reference in your industry with a similar product or system and a good proven record is an invaluable source of support. Everybody has to start from somewhere, and if you can be lead by somebody who has navigated down a similar path to you they can give direction based on their personal experiences. If you can understand what they would have done differently, done faster or not done at all and you may be able to avoid disturbances to your business journey and reach your goals with greater ease and efficiency. I have a business coach who is a few years further down the line and has already achieved what I would like to which I think is pivotal to stop you re-inventing the wheel. Sometimes, to have a shoulder to cry on and a hand to celebrate with in someone who knows exactly where you are is comforting. To invest in yourself and make that commitment to pay someone financially to help you is an integral part of the journey and one of the best personal business investments I have ever made.

Any specific points/people of mention?
Both Nick Steele and June Stead at jersey Business have been engaged, enthusiastic and committed to supporting the journey from the outset. Their knowledge of local business logistics and requirements is incredible and their true interest in seeing you achieve your dreams is authentic and encouraging.

Finally, what is the most valuable lesson you have learnt along the Human Health journey?
The most important tool in any business set up isn’t the quality of your product, the funding behind you or the support that guides you, its you as an individual. A healthy truthful and reflective mindset teamed with an active, able and vital body are your greatest business partners. The ideas and passion you have come from the culmination of thoughts between your ears and without the efficient and effective ability of the brain to arrange these and look for tangible opportunities to make these dreams manifest reality, they will remain so. Take time often to get real and see where you are kidding yourself with unhelpful, fearful, unrealistic or wasteful thoughts. These may reduce your ability to be creative, take massive action, be satisfied with where you at and remove enjoyment from the process all together.
A tired, lethargic brain intoxicated with bad food, bad thoughts and lack of sleep and exercise down regulates and severely suppresses and slows your ability to achieve what you wish. Of course any combination of these things may happen along the way but having the will power and the tools to supply your body and mind with what you need is crucial to overcoming these obstacles and achieving your potential. I have found that creating a weekly ritual within the areas most crucial to my personal performance has enhanced my ability in body and mind. To stay focused on task I write a note book of ideas, a list of ‘to-do’s and a update my diary followed by a daily gratitude reading which keeps me motivated on my mission of what I am grateful for everyday in life. To maintain myself at optimum health I start with the basics of waking with a glass of water, some short simple body exercises and fuelling myself with a healthy, fulfilling breakfast. I complete my weekly ritual by getting my spine and nervous system checked and corrected if necessary by a chiropractor and taking at least 2-3 opportunities to exercise finished off by getting in the ocean at least once which replenishes me in body and mind and keeps my endorphins high.

“Without the engine there is no steam, you are your business and it will perform at the same standard that you can, your health is your greatest business partner.”

Tom Faulkner

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