5 techniques you can borrow from Christmas marketing

20/12/2017 — Alexia McClure

Getting into the festive spirit or fed up with the onslaught of Christmas carols and wrapping paper? Whatever your approach to Christmas, for marketeers the festivities and other such occasions represent an opportunity to talk to their customers in a new way, so are there any marketing techniques you can apply in your own business?

  1. Choose the right festivity. Christmas is typically the busiest time of the year for retailers because we, their customers, have a need to make multiple purchases of their products. Think if there is a festivity, event or national day that resonates with your clients and gives you a hook to use for some focused marketing messages.
  2. Create a positive experience. At this time of year every retailer is trying to give you a memorable and exciting experience to encourage you to buy more from them. Think about the emotion that you want your customer to feel when they are dealing with your business (safe, happy, relaxed, confident etc.) and make sure you provide this consistently throughout their entire interaction with you.
  3. Keep it simple but keep it together. You’ll see that the good retailers will have simple messages that work together across all their stores and online platforms and ultimately drive a sale. You can do the same thing with your marketing messages by making sure that all your channels work together to give your client relevant and appropriate content to help them decide to buy from you.
  4. Make them feel special. As Christmas gets closer your inbox gets filled up with emails addressed to you with enticing product images, ideas and offers. By personalising your own marketing you can respond to your clients particular needs with specific messages and information. This is also a good way to reconnect with customers you might not have been in touch with for a while if you have something new to share with them.
  5. Give them what they want, when they want. Just as you are likely to buy your Christmas presents both in store and online, your customers too will use multi-channels to buy from you. Whether it’s researching your product and your business or actually buying online your client has never been more informed or resourceful as they are now. So, get to know them really well and give them what they want, how they want it.

Happy marketing and best wishes for growing your business in 2018!

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