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Time to go global or just ‘stick to our knitting’? 22/03/2018 — Alexia McClure

Businesses that are very successful in their home market often have a fear of failure, preferring not to look beyond their borders and instead to ‘stick to their knitting’. How…

What happened to those New Year Resolutions? 18/01/2018 — Graeme Smith

Change can be hard to implement and stick with but with perseverance can not only be a learning experience but an opportunity to grow your business.

Jersey Business Annual Survey 08/01/2018

We are conducting our Annual Business Survey and would be grateful if you could get involved by completing our short survey so that your input can shape the services we may offer i…

Intergenerational Collaboration 21/12/2017 — June Stead

Were David Bowie and Bing Crosby the original Intergenerational collaborators? It's crucial in business to have a unified workforce with a shared vision, values and complimentary …

5 techniques you can borrow from Christmas marketing 20/12/2017 — Alexia McClure

Getting into the festive spirit or fed up with the onslaught of Christmas carols and wrapping paper? Whatever your approach to Christmas, for marketeers the festivities and other s…

Origins of our modern Christmas 20/12/2017 — Rosie Lemprière

Have you ever thought about why we celebrate the traditions we have at Christmas? I’ve dug a bit deeper this year to find out the weird and wonderful origins of our modern Christ…

Moore Stephen’s survey to highlight the needs of owner-managed businesses 06/12/2017

Moore Stephens’ annual owner-managed business survey has been launched to capture the opinion and sentiment of business leaders and directors from owner-managed businesses across…

Using digital to drive growth in your business 04/12/2017 — Alexia McClure

Growing a digital sector is not just about encouraging new digital businesses to set up and evolve. It is also about how digital technology can revolutionise established businesses…

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 – Review 27/11/2017

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 we wanted to celebrate our home grown entrepreneurs by running 'A day in the life of a Jersey entrepreneur' campaign on social media wh…

A day in the life of a Jersey Entrepreneur – Dr Tessa Hartmann 17/11/2017

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 we've asked local entrepreneurs what makes them tick. Dr Tessa Hartmann shares her experience.

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