The Curveball – Podcast


The Curveball from Jersey Business presented by Chris Morris of Interval Marketing speaks to leaders in business and entrepreneurs who have experienced a Curveball that has shaped the next phase of their career/personal life. A curveball could be anything from that ‘ah ha’ moment, a roadblock, key challenge or opportunity.

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Episode 3

Glen Perotte of Glen Perotte Photography: Bridging the digital divide.

Along with crossing continents to pursue his dream and practising the craft of traditional film photography for over a decade, Glen then had to retrain in order to master the digital world.

Episode 2

Alex Morel Founder of ALX Training: How a network can change a negative into a positive

Building and tapping into her network helped Alex shape the path she has taken when presented with numerous challenges from redundancy, finding work-space for her business to losing staff.

Episode 1

Lee Madden CEO GR8 Recruitment: Opportunities not challenges

Lee shares his experiences from his earlier career, the lessons learned along the way and what led him to setting up his company, GR8 Recruitment.