The growth of Café society in Jersey

Cédric Bird — 17/12/2018
Cafe Society blog image

At Jersey Business we love working with new businesses.  Especially those looking to shake things up, bring something new to the market, and drive up the productivity in their sector.

This can be clearly demonstrated across St Helier in the way our Café society is evolving.  We see cafés such as Nude, Cargo, Lockes Stories, and Dandy where young entrepreneurs are bringing new ideas, flavours and service to our Town.  Often experiences gained overseas are being brought back to our Island and with the use of new technologies and sustainable approaches Jersey is starting to see the benefits.

In the news we see that there is a shift in our High Streets towards more experiences.  Certainly, there will be a limit to the number of food, cafes and coffee outlets we can sustain, but to compete and thrive these new businesses are building brands and winning fans.

These businesses are pushing forward and helping to drive up standards by increasing the experience for their customers.  A good lesson for us all.

Cédric Bird - Senior Business Advisor
Cédric has been offering advice and support to local businesses for over seven years.