Enterprise Week 2017 – Review

Enterprise Week 2017 – Review

What an amazing five days we had during Enterprise Week last week! Over 300 people attended events throughout the week and the feedback we have had has been phenomenal. Each session addressed a different theme with expert speakers addressing key topics giving the audience both thought provoking and practical things to think about.

Some of the highlights for us were:

  • The keynote event at which the Chief Minister, BBC’s Business Editor Simon Jack and tech entrepreneur Nick Ogden talked about how Jersey can face the future
    • Simon reflected on how global politics is impacting on business everywhere as countries, including the UK, are becoming much more introspective
    • Nick challenged Jersey to remember its entrepreneurial history and build on this to create a vibrant business environment where new products and services can thrive
  • At the 3 Technologies for small business seminar it was really interesting to see how local companies are being transformed by adopting very simple technologies
    • Natalie from Salty Dog explained that over 50% of her bookings now come in online and from people outside Jersey planning their visits in advance
    • Jessica from Bonita described how easy and beneficial it was for customers to be able to book their appointment through her website. She also explained the admin savings that it had given her and the team.
    • Rory from R.Fresh talked about how cashless payment systems reduced the waiting time for customers and enabled his team to give much better customer service
    • Alex from AXL explained that is was so simple to introduce their online accounting system Xero that even her mum could use it!
  • There was a great discussion at the website optimisation workshop for hospitality accommodation providers about the influence that Google and travel booking sites are having on the tourism industry. Key messages were:
    • Travellers use mobile devices to research their holidays but book using a desktop or tablet, so websites need to be responsive to different devices
    • Make sure people can book online and make the booking process as simple and easy as possible
    • Use great pictures and have clear price and product information
  • We were given insights into the brewing industry at the Eagle Labs Create, Innovate and Grow event where not only was there a beer tasting but we also learnt how this traditional industry is constantly evolving
    • Developing seasonal and new products every year was an integrated part of the production plan
    • Customers are driving the need for new product development as trends from around the world are influencing the industry
    • Any business that is the same today as it was even a few years ago is already out-of-date!
  • A lively discussion at the Breakfast Club focused on the ‘Future Jersey’ vision for how our island will look and feel in another 20 years
  • For 3 hours a group of ambitious local businesses learnt tools and techniques for developing a growth strategy. Key topics of conversation were:
    • How to ensure the business stays relevant and delivers what customers want
    • Keep it simple: sales – costs = profit or loss!
    • How to develop advocates and fans for your business

For us, a notable feature of Enterprise Week was the level of engagement and interaction from the audiences at every occasion. Conversation, enthusiasm, positivity and energy where all in abundance and we were delighted to have been able to share such an exciting and interesting series of events with the business community.

We’d love to hear your own takeaway, light-bulb moment or favourite photo from the week so please feel free to share it with us by email, twitter or Facebook!

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